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    Design Capabilities
    Our core competence is the prediction of power losses that is achieved through proprietary advanced mathematical models and augmented by many years of experience. This results in a optimal design that performs according to the specifications without the need of iterations. We offer a wide range of cooling solutions from ubiquitous natural or forced air cooling to advanced liquid cooling. The cooling concept is chosen to give the customer the optimal technical and economic solution. Product reliability is achieved by intelligent design methods and our deep understanding of inductive components.

    Material Capabilities
    During the development process we utilize all available major - and minor materials to achieve the ideal material mix for maximized customer value.
    ▪ Conventional lamination steel as well as newest low loss magnetic materials.
    ▪ Aluminum sheet till stranded copper wire.
    ▪ Insulating systems for all temperature requirements.

    Production Capabilities
    For the optimal cost / performance ratio and the best logistic set-up, we are not bound by manufacturing methods and locations. Besides our own production facilities, we look out for the best partner companies to produce subassemblies or whole products. The development and quality specifications, the production regulations and 100% part approval is always the responsibility of Induflex Technics.

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